Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Protective Styling... for Bald Heads #1

Hey, if I can't laugh at myself I might as well just give up now eh?

What's triggering all of these posts all of a sudden? Well, I'm on vacation AND I'm in a much better space emotionally than I have been for at least a year.

Losing one's hair is DRAINING...  the constant battle to guard your emotions and prevent yourself from spiralling into depression and negative thoughts about your self image, beauty, attractiveness to one's husband etc etc etc - eugh! A fight I tell you... and through it all I took pictures... in preparation for the day when I was finally able to look back and talk about it without bawling my eyes out.

I know you're waiting for the hairloss update and it's coming - honestly - but it's taking a little time because, due to that unpleasant experience I had with people using my photos, I have to make sure ALL my pics are watermarked from now on... which is actually rather boring and quite tedious - but bear with me.

In the meantime - you enjoy pictures of me in my wigs! That's right... as a bald-headed beauty I had two options for protective styling*:

  1. head wraps using scarves and colourful material.
  2. wigs (including cap weaves, lace fronts, and full lace wigs).

*protective styling is required for bald headed people in order to protect the skin of the exposed scalp from sun and other elements. Take it from someone who suffered from scalp sunburn. Not nice!

It was my mother who initially suggested I wear a wig. At first I was opposed but it was rather cold outside and my head felt as though a vice was being tightened around it! I couldn't wear hats ALL the time and I wasn't as comfortable wearing my bald head out as I would become later. This was November 2010...

I went to a salon that supposedly specialised in hair replacement units specifically designed for alopecia sufferers. I'm a member of Alopecia UK and was given a 10% discount of the purchase and fitting price... I was not happy with the overall service or the end result so I won't mention the name of the establishment.

I actually cried when it was over. No privacy, no delicacy or sensitivity shown re: my harrowing hair loss... glue applied to the 26 or 27 locs that were still attached to my head (ie no protection) - after this experience those locs were lost too. I shudder when I remember this ... anyway - here's 'wig #1': the first full lace wig.  They did not have any 'natural-looking' curly types... and they struggled to find me a 12 inch (I guess everyone wants 18-21inches) - I just wanted to look like I had hair again.

That there is my fake smile. I was NOT loving this look... too much straight hair... too much NOT MY OWN hair :(

And this is what it looked like a year later after I took it to the Jamaican salon and had it cut and styled.
It took me a year to learn to own whatever look I have to wear - whether I like it or not. lol.

trying to show you the shape of the back

(and I still didn't like it hahahhha)

Initial Cost: £180 (including discount and free fitting)
Cut & Style: £40
Frequency of Wear: Rare, I don't like the glue...
Overall Value: Poor (because I hardly wear it)

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
Twitter: @avocadholistic


Titus 2 Thandi said...

Do you have any other wigs besides this one? I've never actually thought about the availability of good wigs.I walk past them in shops but...

Bajan Lily said...

Hi Thandi,

I have about 20!I'm going to show you them all!

The Woman Inside said...

I like the cut! It looks sharp!


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