Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Protective Styling for Bald Heads #2

I have about 12-14 wigs, some were 'better' than others lol.

After my fiasco with lacefront #1 I decided to turn my back on supposedly high end products and just pop down to the Hair shop on my local high street to see what they had on offer.

I was pleasantly surpised to discover that one particular shop actually had a back room full of all types of wigs: lace, traditional, synthetic and human hair, long, short, blonde, black, brown, pink, blue - you get the idea.  The back room has a large mirror and is sectioned off from the main store so you can browse and try in privacy - which obviously I appreciated MUCHLY!

Here was my first Sleek mid-length wig. (At least I think it was Sleek... can't remember now) - cost me £19.99

Cost: £19.99
Frequency of Wear: Frequent. (Especially to work)
Durability: Lasted about 6 months with almost daily wear. Still have it but it's a bit ratty now.
Overall Value: Brilliant (because I really wore it out!!!)

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
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