Friday, 30 March 2012

Protective Styling for Bald Heads #4

Here's number 4 in the series :)

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This was another Sensationnel Bump cap weave.

However, the stylist cut the bangs while the unit was fitted to a foam head (as opposed to while it was attached to me) and they were ridiculously blunt (and very weird).  I also had issues with the top being a bit pointy... made me feel like a cone head.

Despite my 'issues' I wore this one to work the most. The sides were very well cut, they fell naturally and moved freely - which added to the whole natural look and feel of the unit. Had the fringe not been so 'silly', this would have been my favourite.

Cost: £15
Frequency of Wear: Moderate. (The pointy top and blunt fringe spoiled it for me)
Durability: Lasted about 12 months with moderate usage. Still going strong!
Overall Value: Good.

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