Friday, 20 April 2012

Loc Weaves & Wigs Part 2

After I wrote my first post on loc weaves, hair pieces and weaves for lock wearers suffering from hairloss, a fellow blogger (my US-Tobagan friend "TWI (The Woman Inside) from Sexy With Sisterlocks contacted me with details of her loctician Precious. (You can read the original post here: )

Hairloss is a sensitive issue and it can be quite a traumatic experience for sufferers, especially if large areas of hair (locs) are missing amidst areas where there is quite a bit of coverage. Aside from using the existing hair to try to hide patches - which can often be impossible if the hair loss is at the crown or on your edges - loc wearers have limited styling options other than wearing hats and scarves/headwraps.  Or so we used to think...

Since I began my own journey into the world of hairloss I have discovered a number of female entrepreneurs who are providing this much needed service to locked sisters in the US and UK. (I've even heard of one in Barbados but have yet to track her down...)

On this note - I'd like to introduce Precious Stallworth, proprietor of Naptapestry Hair Studio.

Naptapestry  specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, Traditional locs, loc maintenance, loc styling, hair care, and Loc repair.  Precious' trademarked line of prosthetic loc units are known as Creation Integration™ Locs : "a prosthetic loc integration unit designed to create maximum coverage for those with density challenges".

The Creation Integration™ unit is custom designed to meet the individual's need (specific hair loss/ thinning pattern, head size and shape, hair color, and length)".  During your consultation they will discuss your individual needs and work with you to create a plan to maximize both the overall look of your hair and its growth potential."

Precious has kindly shared the following portfolio images with us - please do not copy without her permission. If you'd like to book an appointment please call  310 735 5965



Awesome no?

Contact Details for all those featured thus far:

Creation Integration Locs
Ask for: Precious Stallworth
Salon Address: Naptapestry Hair Studio
4321 Leimert Blvd, Suite C
Los Angeles, California 90008


Ask for: Gerry Mayo
Salon Address: Endless Creations Beauty Salon
7000 Terminal Square, Suite 100A
Upper Darby, PA 19082

Loc Units
Ask for: Andrell Cox
Salon Address: Loc Rehab (Studio 130)
"Salon Plaza" Studios (Bldg.#222)
15480 Annapolis Road
Bowie, MD 2071

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
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anthia-ofo said...

I just a post on intergreting yarn into ,my locs. That last one is really convincing!

Tangled Hair Techs said...

Well needed post, but they can alos use the Take Down Remover cream to comb out some of the locks and re-do them. The produc is for taking out braids, weaves, twists or natural dreadlocks easier,faster. It detangles very matted tangled hair easy and safely.

It also prevents hair breakage no matter how long your braids or weaves are in. It is great for women who are transitioning to natural hair from relaxers as well.

It is not a water based or glycerine based product-so it works on every type of hair texture, every head, every time.
You can get it in London at


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