Sunday, 24 June 2012

Uzima - Natural Holistic Expo 2012

UK naturals and holistic afficianados have been spoilt for choice recently, 2012 has seen a slurry of natural hair meetups, workshops and special events all recognising this emerging audience - and still there is more.

Promoting - Health & Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty, Fashion & Culture
on Saturday 28th July, 11am - 9pm
@Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London,WC1R 4RL

UZIMA - is an independent partnership that was created out of the parallel vision of 2 professional entrepreneurs who are active within the local community and committed to realising their belief that natural beauty has an important role to play within the regeneration process and health consciousness that is detrimental to their customers, the environment and the community.

The objective of the Expo

  • To become an annual expo that enhances the lives of the African Community by providing an atmosphere that aids the mind, body and spirit with health conscious alternatives within the natural holistic industry.
  • To provide the backdrop to a wide variety of activities to interact with service providers, while enjoying a fabulous day.
  • To offer inspirational messages and different types of services that is based on principals: Empowerment, Education, Health, Cultural and Environment.​
  • To promote health, beauty and conscious organisations to sustain holistic goods and resources within the community.

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Tickets and More information available on their website

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