Saturday, 17 November 2012

Events: Uzima (July 2012)

With exhibitions, part of attending is the learning (as well as networking and test trading). With each exhibition I have learned so much that has helped me better my product marketing and grow my business. 

This was my setup at one of my earlier exhibitions (number 2). I was still very naive and green and mostly I was just happy to be there - I quickly learned that my 'competitors' were there to slay (make money not friends) and I have learned from that lol!

Here is a partial view of my setup in the therapy room where I gave holistic massages. The bulk of our takings at this event came from the provision of holistic therapies.

Here's a pic of my daughter who was drafted in to help man the stall while I worked the therapy room, and below this are photos depicting a selection of the products we had on offer that day.


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