Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hair Update

The run up to Christmas is always a super busy one - both for product sales and Sisterlocking sessions.
I've just finished client 18 but I'll wait for her permission before posting anything else on that.

God has been good. Two years ago I started with just 3 clients... and had just 3 for almost 6 months... 18 months from that point and I have an expanding practice with transfers (from overseas/other consultants) as well as new starters (people I have installed myself) and I am grateful for each one of them because they each bring me something different and teach me something new.

How's my hair journey? Well, I've had a few setbacks. Alopecia Universalis is a bit like cancer. It can go into remission and it can flare up again, so right now I am in the middle of a massive flare up and have lost quite a bit of the hair that had grown back before summer: talk about a bummer! Sheesh!

This was my wash n go from September (bald patches cleverly hidden beneath my hair band)

Could get a high ponytail/puff at that point :)

One of the patches hiding underneath the hair band (left in Sep, right in Oct)

How have I dealt with that - well... I have tried to ignore it. I have done everything I can. I exercise and take the vitamins and the supplements and eat the good stuff and avoid the bad stuff and I have tried every natural, homeopathic, herbal and medicinal remedy going. (Yes, I truly have) and for me, it is time to stop. I have 3 children, I need to focus on them and their wellbeing. I can't let this thorn in my side distract me from ensuring that their needs are met on a daily basis. Even with my affliction, I still have clients, clients who love and support me and for whom my hair loss is no big deal. I value these clients because to them - my not having hair has not made a difference to my ability to do THEIR HAIR and their confidence in me buoys me up on those days when I wonder why I am bothering...

I met a lovely lady at the Natural November exhibition, Tieska from You Naturally Be and she hooked me up with an afro kinky afro (lol) This helps me keep my mind off my hair-story. When I take this out I'll decide whether to shave my head again (if there are just too many patches to cover) or whether to chill and see what happens next.

I did stop oiling over summer - but I also had some super super stressful situations pop up during the same period - in fact June to October 31 were pretty horrendous, but what can you do? I'm British, we keep calm and carry on. Every day I put on a brave face, pretend everything is peachy keen and get on with living.

I've got another installation tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go make sure my tools are clean and my babies are in bed, so I can be on point tomorrow. Maybe I should oil my head again too :)

Take care guys... and lemme know if you're still reading!

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
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CaribSun said...

Wow! Your hair has grown back! Excellent!

JUST Euphoria said...

hey Mrs. Lady thanks for the updates! As always with or with out hair you will always be my Shero!!Keep your head up & keep pressing on & I love the afro look your friend hooked you up with, is that a weave or a wig?

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Carib Sun, I trust that your beautiful girls are well :)
Euphoria (*wave*) this one was a weave, tree braids - so secured to my existing hair, and long enough to cover the bald bits.

Kreyola said...

Love the hair update. Your hair seems to have grown really long, real fast? Is that the speed your hair normally grows? Sorry to hear about the flare up, I really do hope you gotten it under control? I understand you needing to focus on your family so it is what it is :(.

Bajan Lily said...

Hey Kreyola, I hope you and your little girl are doing well.

It definitely grew fast! I don't remember if that was normal for me or not lol.

Losing so much of it again has been difficult but people tell me to keep hope alive because maybe it'll grow back again just as quickly :) It's not under control just yet but I'm still fighting - although fighting is secondary and family is first now. xx


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