Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sisterlocks with Permed Ends

Here's a copy of a post from my business page. about 2 months ago I had the privilege of starting a client with permed ends. I really enjoyed this installation. "Dree" had such a jovial spirit and had me laughing throughout - what a blast!

You see the open ends in the picture? That's because interlocking methods such as Sisterlocks don't work on smooth hair (like relaxed hair), as we're not using any gels or locking waxes we need to work with the glorious kinky, coily, curly textures atop your head: the kinkier the better!

Dree has 468 locks and has been transitioning for over 9 months. Her hair - including the permed ends- is about 14 inches long. The new growth was about 8 inches.

I love that with Sisterlocks you do not have to cut off your permed ends or Big Chop (BC) before you start your locs. This means that if you love length, you can hold on to it for a little while longer while your new locs are being formed. When they have grown to a length you are happy with you can trim off the relaxed ends.

The Sisterlocks journey is about you - what you are most comfortable with -and if that means transitioning for a little longer then I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to support you and your choices every step of the way. Why not give me a call?

To you established lockers out there - did you start with permed ends? How did you handle the different textures?

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Tina said...

I love your blog. I started my daughter's interlocs after allowing her to transition for about a year or 2.



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