Monday, 11 February 2013

Small Business Features

Morning All,

This year, I really want to shine the light as it were on UK based small businesses, particularly those run by women.

Entrepreneurship is one of my passions and I am a firm believer in supporting people in pursuit of their dreams.

I've just got a brand new computer which means I can get back to blogging regularly. I'll be moving most of my Sisterlocks™ posts to my business blog and here we will focus again on my loves, my life and my (lack of ) locs (lol!)

I realise that I have been very quiet on the hair front since my last post but suffice it to say that I have decided NOT to give up the fight. I was rather low and frustrated that day and had had enough of the 'torment' as it were. I have since had a change of heart and decided that clearly this is my cross to bear and I will do everything I can to 'show and tell' that journey - including the 'remedies' I'll be trying :) Now - back to business.

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
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