Friday, 24 May 2013

More Fundraising for Keanna -June 23, Barbados

Reposted from Facebook (John Roett)
If you're in Barbados, please support. 
If you can't pay please continue to pray. Thank you.

"Ok everybody.  I received authorization from the BCA and Windward Cricket Club to organize and stage a celebrity T-20 cricket match to raise much needed funds for the amazingly strong Keana Banfield, who is desperately fighting to survive toxic poisoning, and has undergone FIVE operations in the last six weeks in a Miami hospital as doctors battle daily to save her life.

" file this date and be SURE to be there. Sunday June 23rd, at Windward Cricket Club in St. Philip. Gates open at noon, yes, Bajan lunch on sale too, and the match begins at 2pm.

"The two teams will be led by Red Plastic Bag and Gabby, and players will be chosen from soca sensations Lil Rick, Edwin, Blood Anderson Armstrong Mikey Michael Mercer, 
Dean Straker from Spice & Co, incredible producer Nicholas E Brancker,
 social commentator like no other Bajan Fari, 
Raga Soca big man Biggie Irie, 
rally stars Roger “The Sheriff” Skeete and Roger “The Ninja” Hill, 
newspaper columnist and all round entertainer Eric Lewis (And alter ego) 
fashion mogul Iam RHaj, DJs Matt Karp the “Karpologist” and Justin Jus-Jay King, 
chick magnets Rupee and Philip 7, radio personalities Admiral Nelson and Kirk Brown,
 Nexcyx hit men Andre Clarke and Kris Clarke, soca junkie Mr. Dale, 
producer Mikey “Red Dawg” Hulsmeier, pan wizard and producer Terry “Mexican” Arthur, formerly of super group Square 1, big shot promoter Gilbert Rowe, spoken word genius Adrian Greene and more…Hard to believe, I know…lol

"There has been REAL talk amongst the fellas already, and all I can say to begin the fun is that Red Plastic Bag has stated categorically, AND told me to post, that NOBODY can get him out…which goes contrary to Gabby’s claim that he will bowl out the entire opposing team with a doosra that he has developed even better than Murilitheran I think it may be called a foosra…cause he say it gon mek de fellas look real foolish.

"NUFF food will be on sale all day, and the bar gon be deadly like headley.
Admission is only $30,00, but still roll with some extra blenzuh, cause there will be lots of auctions on fancy dinners, weekend getaways, electronic gizmos and more.

"I gon have female superstars there too, but I don’t wanna reveal everything ...

"this is about a day of fun for a seriously good cause. If every one of you and all your friends come, that would mean the world to me, but believe me, it would mean more than the world to Keana.
Stay tuned for fun updates and trash talk from the players as well as more details as they come to hand.
Love you all….thanks for reading all of this."

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