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REPOST: Sisterlocks Installation Day FAQ

Most people are aware of how to care for their hair (and sample locs) in preparation for their installation session but I am frequently asked what they should bring to their installation session in terms of food and amenities, so here's my advice.


I provide my clients with access to Netflix and LoveFilm during their appointments, it's worth checking whether your consultant provides a similar service.

If there are no online streaming services available, you should ask whether you can bring your laptop or whether you'll have permission to use their DVD player/PC.  If so, bring along your favourite DVDs and settle in for a good old-fashioned movie marathon. 

Please be sensible in your film choices, X-rated and R-rated movies are probably not appropriate - especially if your consultant's children will be in the house (even though they may not be in the same room).

Your installation session is also a great opportunity to dive into that book you've always wanted to read. If you're a reader then by all means bring along a bunch of magazines, newspapers, books or your Kindle to keep your happy.  If you do want to read, it's wise to let your consultant know - that way she won't keep trying to draw you into conversation or think you're ignoring her when you just wanna zone out!


Another Frequently asked question pertains to food. Check with your Consultant as to whether a cooked meal is available to purchase or already included in your installation package. The provision of hot meals is not covered by my public liability insurance, but there are several takeaway outlets on our local high street (just a short walk away), many of whom will deliver.

As a holistic therapist, I am always aware of the stresses that sitting in one position for long periods places on my client's spine and supporting muscles, so I always encourage them to use their lunch break as an opportunity to stretch their legs either by walking to one of the local green spaces and enjoying the sun (weather permitting) or by walking to and from the high street.

If you prefer to avoid fast food or pub fare, you should bring a packed lunch or keep your meal in a flask (where it doesn't need to be heated up - unless your Consultant has microwave facilities).

You should bring with you enough snacks  (energy bars, granola, fruit, carrot/celery sticks etc) to sustain you for the duration of your session (up to 12 hours per day), you'll also need plenty of water to keep you hydrated. 

At Almond & Avocado complimentary English (black) and Herbal Teas are available and are usually served in the morning after the parting session is complete and in the afternoon around 'tea time'. Check with your consultant whether tea/coffee will be available.

Suggested Snacks to take to your Installation (loc start-up) session

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