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Small Business Feature: Article 3 - Cater to Your Senses

Ladies & Gentlemen, 
We are thrilled to welcome  UK Entrepreneur and founder of Cater to Your Senses:  Sian Sian Nelson-Baah to the spotlight this evening.

Sian is a 27 year old, happily married baker, born and raised in London, U.K.

Spotlight: So Sian, tell us about your business
My business is "Cater to Your Senses" I make bespoke baked goods and other sweet treats. I say my products are bespoke because I only bake to order, every order is less than 24 hours old when it's collected or delivered and I also cater to food allergies and intolerances.

I do not use any artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings in my original recipes, and where possible I use organic, fairtrade and seasonal ingredients.

Spotlight: Wow, a personalised bakery service - what prompted you to start this business?
I started this business because, I've always made cakes and desserts for friend's and family's celebrations and often at parties and gatherings people would ask where the cake was from and where could they buy one? I used to make all of these cakes for free but as I received more and more referrals, I realised that I was spending A LOT of time (and money) doing cakes for people, it was ok doing them for family but I was increasingly making cakes for people who were not related to me.
Many family members suggested I start charging for cakes but I used to say who would pay for a home made cake from me when they could go to a Supermarket and get a cheaper one? Everyone used to say my cakes were better than the ones in the supermarket (and without being big headed, it's true they are.) So I started charging people for cakes, at first I was almost apologetic about charging people but they were happy to pay for my cakes, they could see and taste the love and attention I put into every order and the quality of the ingredients I use.

After about a year and with much encouragement from my husband I decided to get serious, print some business cards and do it properly, then "Cater to Your Senses" was born, I decided on this name because I believe my products are a delight to all your senses, fair enough they don't really make a sound but the sounds of people enjoying and munching on my cakes is a delight to me.

Spotlight: What have been the best bits about running your own business?
The best bits about running my own business are that, I'm my own boss, I set my own hours and control all aspects of my business, It gives me the freedom I could not have by working for someone else. Keeping my own hours means I do not have to rush and I can take my time to complete each delicious creation.

Spotlight:  Conversely, What have been the worst bits about running your own business?
The worst parts about running my own business are that, I'm responsible for everything, so as much as I love being in control, I can't control EVERYTHING, if there's traffic, or any cake disasters it's my fault and it's up to me to put it right. In addition there's no sick pay or holiday pay, if I don't work I don't get paid it's simple and the times that most people are chilling and relaxing with their loved ones (Easter, Valentine's, New Year, Christmas etc) I'm working and at my busiest, but I'm not really complaining because I enjoy what I do so much.

Spotlight: What are your top 3 best sellers?
My top 3 best sellers are my
  • Banoffee Cupcakes, 
  • Black Forest Gateau/Cupcakes and 
  • my Bespoke Birthday cakes.

Spotlight: Mmmm those birthday cakes! I can personally attest to their deliciousness. How can my readers find you?
You can find me at:
twitter: @ SianTheBaker
website: http://sianthenaturalhairedbaker.wordpress.comPhone:  07965591784.

Special Offer for your readers
Until June 30th 2013, all new customers will receive free delivery on their first order if it totals £45.00 or more. I deliver to any address in London and some parts of Essex, Kent and Surrey. Please still contact me if you would like a delivery outside of these areas as sometimes I am able to accommodate.

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
Twitter: @almocado

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