Monday, 22 July 2013

Keep Smiling

As you may know - I often have some really awful days.... 

I may stumble across an old home video of me holding my baby and I'll see my hair....

Or a friend may tag me in a old pic on Facebook and lo and behold - there's me with tons of hair... ouch! 

Often, I'll take a moment to just remember how those soft curls felt beneath my finger tips..

 the way I'd twist and twirl it around my index finger when talking to my husband...
or even the way I'd twiddle with my locs during those conference calls when I knew noone was watching....

Some days I get so angry and frustated because I'm fighting a disease to which there is no known cure and no one cause and 
there isn't much you can do but "keep hope alive" .... or "calmly accept your fate" when actually I just wanna punch something (or someone) and scream:
"It's not FAIR!!".

But then...there are days when... the sun has been shining,
HRH (my royal husband) isn't being a pain in the neck, the kids haven't destroyed the house, all my clients were on time and I managed to draw my eyebrows on properly.... (Yes, the simple things matter - You have no idea how hard it is to draw GOOD eyebrows on when you're dealing with nothing but empty face!!!!) lol

And when those days come - I think "Hey, I'm not doing too badly, in fact, I'm good" and
And I look forward to what might come,
I think about the 'someday' when my hair might grow back and I think about it being ok even if it never comes back... 
and I keep smiling :)

And in that spirit here's a random collection of smiles from Saturday afternoon when I was feeling pretty cute. Enjoy!

Hope it made you smile too !

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.
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JUST Euphoria said...

Beautiful lady I'm smiling right along with you!

Naturally Sophia said...

You are beautiful and have every reason to smile. There are many women who don't have a husband and can't have kids. And I know that at least one of these women would give up all their hair for that. Now smile some more! <3

Anonymous said...


The Chick


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