Sunday, 7 July 2013

Origins of The Afro Comb - UK Exhibition

Crystal from United Kinkdom - sent me a survey, and among others there was a question on "What does the afro comb mean to you?"

My response:
"I suppose it reminds me of my 'blackness' and conjures up images from my childhood of men in bell bottoms or tight jeans with gorgeous afros and these afro combs / 'picks' sticking out of their back pockets!"

If I give it a bit more time I could probably find something deeper and more meaningful - but for now I'm loving those oooooooooold memories of my older brother and his friends, those afros, and those combs.... making me feel all warm and happy inside.

What are some of your memories?

There is an exhibition being held at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge until 3 September (2013)  do pop in and visit if you can. The afro comb is so much more than just a piece of plastic or wood!

ITV's report on the exhibition

Crystal's Review on the Opening of the Exhibition:

The Museum's Website

Their official website

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