Saturday, 7 September 2013

Me talking about my company on the 2inspire Network Youtube Channel

Launching my own company and becoming self-employed has been such a stretching and developmental process, full of ups and downs (and roundabouts) but through it all I have met some amazing people and enjoyed the support of my friends and family - so I am blessed and grateful.

This summer I was lucky enough to be featured in a series of inspirational interviews by the 2inspire network (London). I've exhibited and held workshops at two of their events and will be participating again on October 19th in Stratford (see end of post for details).

Hope you find it interesting (apologies for the echo/feedback/background noise with the sound) but it is worth watching.

View it on youtube

or watch below

The next 2inspire Event will be held on October 19th at Old Stratford Town Hall in East London.

Visit their website for more info

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Linda said...

Amazing, this video can touch so many lives. Keep it up

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