Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Foiled Again!

This is an old scenario but I just saw the ad and remembered it, so I'm sharing it today.

If you don't know what toilet discs or fresh discs are - watch the video

Thinking to myself that it sure must be less germ friendly to do away with the toilet block cage... and fed up of the toilet blocks ended up as a gloopy mess in the bottom of the cistern... I decided to try these toilet discs.

I followed the instructions and ended up with a funny looking green blob on the side of the toilet. I flushed to check it was working ie getting plenty of water action and releasing fragrance and a few bubbles - satisfied I closed the door and went about my day.

Fast forward to the evening when His Royal Highness returns home... and disappears into the loo. After a while of hearing some concentrated huffing and puffing I ask if he is OK. He emerges with the toilet brush in hand and says:

"Honey, you gotta be careful with these kids, there was some green cr*p stuck on the side of the loo.. I don't know what it was.. mucous or poop or something but it was really hard to get it off. Don't worry though - it's all clean now!"


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