Thursday, 23 January 2014

Owning My Look

What a day!
It started with a visit to the Opticians, where I learned that I need to wear 'sunglasses' when. I go outside since I have no eyelashes to help protect my eyes from uv-ray damage #howWonderful #livingWithAlopecia 

Then I got called into my son's school because he had been coughing up his lungs... "Could I bring his medicine from home please" #mummyTheNurse #whatifIdidntworkfromhome?

No sooner had I sorted that out than the nursery phoned with baby girl screaming in the background having seemingly dislocated her knee... Which warranted a trip to the GP to have her checked over #mummyTheAmbulance #mummyTheCuddleGiver #kissesmakeitbetter.

And finally, feeling frazzled and discouraged, I sat at a clinic awaiting my own appointment, thinking about all the things I couldn't get done today while dealing with all these medical appts and kiddie emergencies when this flamboyant gentleman came up to me and says: 

"OMG! Who's your hair stylist? You look amazing. It's such a statement look: I love it!"

#suddenlyItsAllGood #lifesNotSoBad #thankyouJesus
#happyHappyJoyJoy #Backinthegame #MummytheBoss 

That man made my day! Lol 


"Feel Better. Be WELL" 
Annette Clark Headley M.A. Cantab CNHC

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