Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Notes from Cambridge University .... Lesson 5

After a short break - I am resuming my 'Lentish' focus on the Lessons I learned from the women I met while at Cambridge University. 

A recap so far: 
1) Be everything you want to be (Have no regrets) - Nadine Drummond
2) Carpe Diem (LIVE life & make the most of every opportunity) - Ainka Alison G
3) Never give up on your dreams - Pam Dusu
4) Have Faith & Integrity Afua Kudom

5) Dance like noone's watchingJudy-Ann Edwards-Rosti

Judy-Ann was another island girl (Jamaica again!) and she was like a big sister to me: smart beautiful and WISE. 

What I learned from Judy, was "BE YOURSELF" and

Y'all can imagine what it's like to be one of (was it 80 black undergrads at the time? ), sometimes I felt this unspoken pressure to present myself with 'less black' personal characteristics so as not to offend or alienate my non-Black counterparts... to tone down some of the mannerisms and loudness so as not to stick out so much.... 

but Judy showed me that it was OK to be CARIBBEAN

IT was OK to LOVE SOCA... 

It was OK to brukkout to some bashment by Mr Vegas or Chakademus and Pliers... 

She used her love of music and talent on the turntables to bring Allison Hinds, Destra GarciaMachel Montano and Krosfyah into the heart of a historically anglo-saxon establishment AND WE ALL LOVED IT

Wolfson College never had so much fun!!! 

Black, White, Indian, Chinese - all the same on that dancefloor.... I look back and remember the smiling faces, winding waists, rolling bumpers - all the same.... and it was OK.

Thanks Judy-Ann.... still love you you know... and thanks for babysitting IZZIE!!!! xxxx

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