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Notes from Cambridge University .... Lesson 6

Notes from Cambridge Day 6.
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Day 6: Know your worth (or let no man/woman take you for a fool)

Andrea Henry - not only a fellow student at New Hall (women's ) college but a fellow Barbados scholar, fellow Commonwealth scholar, fellow Bajan, fellow QC student and most importantly, fellow St Philippian! BFF! I could write a novel about our escapades...Lol

Anyway, let me not digress.
Andrea does something I call "the triple blink". Like me, she possesses a giving nature. Like me, She will go all out for those she cares about. When you're that generous (and young/naive) people will always try to take advantage - to take more from you than they ever intend to give. However, Andrea was better than I was because she knew how to say No.

Where I might have given someone a 'pass' and let them get away with never returning my fav CD, DVD or jacket - Andrea would smile and be in your face smiling until it was returned.

Whereas I would often allow people to mash my corns or run roughshod over my feelings just to keep the peace - Andrea never let anyone treat her with less respect than she believed she deserved - and her self- belief was STRONG!

By hanging out with her and watching her handle certain situations I shed layers of gullible naïveté and became as demanding of a certain level of treatment as she (and Nadine Drummond) did.

If you ever meet Andrea you'd think she was a cherub. But behind that smile is wisdom. There is much going on between those ears - don't be fooled by the smile. I learned to smile and nod while people speak AT you like you're an idiot - before dropping morsels of wisdom that destroy their misconceptions. "Oh. You went to Cambridge? But you're doing hair..."
Oh yes, that's my choice but as we say in Barbados - they didn't find me behind a cow. Plenty going on between my ears- I just don't wanna overwhelm you with my awesomeness.

#stillWatersRunDeep #YouOnlySeeWhatIChooseToShowYou

These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!
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