Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Special Moment facilitated by Sisterlocks

"We are all connected"

I see my clients as my 'daughters' (younger), sisters (same age) and mothers (older) - depending on their age and disposition :)
This morning's client was one of my 'mothers'. As I started working on her locs, we talked about a recent funeral and family reunion and she asked where my people were from.

When she found out that I was from Peckham, she said "I used to know a Bajan family who lived in Peckham... both parents were from Barbados, they lived on Kirkwood Road and the dad was called ... "

"VINCENT!" we both cried in unison.
"THAT'S MY DAD! I giggled (honestly, how old am I ????)

What followed was a trip down memory lane. She knew everyone I had grown up with, each family in our little Caribbean community down in SE London. She knew my godfather and godmother, my aunties and my cousins and EVERYBODY. Man! What a trip.

Imagine that!
- To have known my parents and worked with them before they moved back to Barbados.
- To have met up with them (and even picked them up from my old flat) when my parents have visited on their annual trips back to London...
- To have played with and watched over me as a child at Saturday school,
- To be just as familiar with my 'people' as I but never knowing that it was ME standing behind her head and working her locs all this time!

What a privilege to be able to touch the head of someone my parents held in such high regard! You know I had to call my daddy straight away!

The child that would have sat on her knee being ministered to, now ministering to her in a different way. I am feeling pretty blown away at the moment.

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