Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Notes from Cambridge - Lesson 7

Life got in the way. But I really want to be true to my word and finish the series of posts entitled 'Notes from Cambridge University: Lessons learned from the Women I met there"

To sum up the stories so far:

1) Be everything you want to be (Have no regrets) - Nadine Drummond 
2) LIVE your life & make the most of every opportunity - Ainka Alison G
3) Never give up on your dreams - Pam Dusu
4) Have Faith & Integrity (Stand for something!) - Afua Kudom
5) Dance like noone's watching - Judy-Ann Edwards-Rosti 
6) know your worth/let no one take you for a fool - Andrea Henry

Lesson 7:
" every fairy princess needs a little fairy dust and a wand. "
~ Krista Farrell

Krista hails from the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago and studied medicine at Cambridge, regularly achieving 1st class honours in her exams while keeping up with her love of creative dance (and soca). 

Krista taught me that smart women don't have to be serious all the time, switched on all the time, planning ahead all the time. Sometimes, smart girls just wanna dress up, don a pair of gossamer wings and imagine they're in a place of incredibly beauty and light. 

So many conversations overheard between Krista and Izzie Clarkley: ended with "you could sprinkle some fairy dust on dat u know" (as if that would fix everything!) and she always greeted her with "Izzie, where's your wand, gyal?" Krista reminded me that amidst exams and papers and work and internships, was a little girl who needed to play- and that little girl was not just Izzie :) 

Izzie thanks you Krista for buying her first  fairy doll and I thank you for reminding me not to take life so seriously - to remember to break out that fairy dust and sprinkle some glitter on the (often far too bleak) world. 

Happy honeymoon gyal- I hope Sam has plenty of fairy dust for you xxx

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