Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Alopecia Awareness month

As young girls, we are often taught that our hair is our crowning glory... imagine how it must feel to walk around 'without your crown' - particularly when it wasn't your choice....

People stare and or offer pitying glances - wondering whether you are sick... or just mad. "Why did you cut off all your hair?"
"You looked much better when it was long"
"It's a good thing you've got a good head shape - are you gonna grow it back?"
"Try drinking/eating/taking <insert name of remedy here> ..."
"Try rubbing <insert name of popular hair oil or tonic here> on it..."

Alopecia is an AUTO-IMMUNE disease. There are several forms : ALOPCIA AREATA (which refers to patches of baldness), ALOPECIA TOTALIS (which means no hair on the scalp) and ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS (which means no hair at all anywhere on the body).

NB only TRACTION ALOPECIA is caused by poor hair care practices such as tight braiding etc. With time and tlc this hair can often be recovered. For the autoimmune cases of alopecia there is currently NO KNOWN CURE.

While Alopecia may not be as life threatening as cancer, it can be just as emotionally draining and heartbreaking.

Please help us raise awareness and hope as we search for a cure.


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so wheeler said...

My mother has Alopecia, I'm not sure which kind. She does have hair on her scalp but instead of regular hair she has thin white hairs that grow instead. As a result she shaves her hear, because those thin white hairs are...just that think and white. She has eyebrows or eye lashes.


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