Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Someone Rubbed My Bald Head....

Good morning ladies,

As you already know - I am bald (I live with Alopecia Universalis - no pity please). This actually happened to me yesterday and I shared it on my timeline because I was in shock and - somewhat inexplicably- felt a bit dirty.

"This is my face right now... Feeling dazed and confused ... And violated....

Walking home from my kids' school, stranger approaches me smiling.
As he passes me he rubs my (bald) head and continues walking away.... 

I'm in shock...."
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When I told my hubby about it later that day, he read some of the comments below the pic and stated that he felt people were blowing it out of proportion - particular those who classified the act as 'assault'.

I explained that technically - if someone touches you without your consent it can be classified as such (minor assault, sexual assault, aggravated assault etc) but it made me wonder whether men see things differently to women.

I didn't mention it on my original post but the person who rubbed my head was a avg height caucasian male late 30s to 40s with a leather jacket. Could have been slightly inebriated - I don't know - his face lit up when he saw me, he smiled and rubbed my head, did a lil two step and bopped away down the road.  So not particularly sinister in appearance but not 100% kosher either... (the lil bop and giggles made me wonder if he was drunk/high).

Anyway - given the above - what do you guys think? Minor assault? Creepy Stranger? Breach of personal space? Nothing to get upset about?

 And how would you have reacted?

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Titus 2 Thandi said...

Wow...I'd have felt disgusted! nO idea what I would have done. Probably nothing!

so wheeler said...

Hmm... that is truly disturbing what that person did. It's definitely a violation to you and you have a right to report the situation should you choose to seek justice.


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